DICE-2013R Model as of November 15, 2013

The DICE-2013R model is available. This is (for now) the 2013 version of the DICE model.

The User's Manual is available, click here.

This can be run both as a GAMS program and as an Excel file. (The Excel version is under preparation and will be available shortly.)

1. For the EXCEL version, there are two versions.

A. The full version using Excel 2010 can be downloaded, click here . A discussion of how to use the model is on the sheet "Version notes." Note that this has macros and can be used with Platform Risk Solver. The file contains macros for rescaling as well as procedures for optimization with Solver. It can be used with normal Solver if it is simplified.

B. A simpler version without the macros and in principle compatible with earlier versions of Excel is available, click here. This version is primarily to examine the different runs, however, simple changes can be made to test alternatie assumptions.

2. There are two GAMS versions of the 2013R model (for archival purposes, this is DICE2013Rv2_102213_vanilla_v24b.gms).

A. The "Vanilla" version can be run without any subroutines. It contains only the baseline and the optimal scenarios. It produces output which has the major variables of the model. For the Vanilla version, click here.

B. The other flavor is the "RockyRoad" version. This has six scenarios, which can be run in any combination. The RockyRoad version requires both a Mothership and the Satellites.

The Mothership and the Satellites are in the following zip folder, click here. For instructions on how to use, see the ReadMe file.